Benefits of wearing Rudraksha : Rudraksha is considered as an important and worshipable object in Sanatan Dharma, which is related to Lord Shiva. Wearing it brings happiness and prosperity in life. However, it is very important to follow certain rules and rituals while wearing it.

Benefits of wearing Rudraksha : Rudraksha is considered sacred in Hindu religion and it is considered to be associated with Lord Shiva. It means ‘Eye of Rudra’, religious belief is that it was born when tears fell from the eyes of Lord Shiva. Rudraksha has different types of faces due to which its importance and use varies. It is worn in the form of a rosary for religious and spiritual purposes. Rudraksha is especially worshiped and important in India and Nepal. According to astrology and religious beliefs, wearing Rudraksha brings happiness, prosperity and blessings of Lord Shiva in a person’s life.

Benefits of wearing Rudraksha

Rudraksha is also considered beneficial for physical and mental health. It helps in removing stress, anxiety and other negative energies. It is also used in meditation, which helps in focusing.
It is believed that the person who wears it has no fear of untimely death. But, it is very important to follow certain rules and rituals while wearing Rudraksha.

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Keep these things in mind while wearing Rudraksha

Just as Lord Shiva can be pleased by fasting, worship and Rudrabhishek on Monday, in the same way wearing Rudraksh also makes him happy. According to astrology, the most auspicious day to wear Rudraksha is considered to be Monday because it is the day of Lord Shiva. When you are going to wear Rudraksha Mala, you should note that it should have at least 27 beads.

Before wearing Rudraksha, it is important to follow some worship rituals. The rosary should first be tied in a red cloth and kept in the Shiva temple and ‘Om Namah Shivay’ should be chanted. After chanting, one should wash the rosary and one’s hands with Ganga water and take a pledge that one is wearing the Rudraksha rosary in devotion to Lord Shiva. Before wearing Rudraksha, one must take bath, so that physical and mental purity remains.

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