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 Kane Williamson Virat Kohli Kohli : Before the knockout match, Kiwis captain Kane Williamson got scared of King Kohli. This has a 15 year back story.

Kane Williamson Virat Kohli Kohli : Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson.. When we talk about the names of amazing players in current cricket, these are the first names that come to mind. There is no competition between Kohli and Kane in terms of batting records. Because by scoring centuries upon centuries, scoring tons of runs, King Kohli has created many records in the Gentleman’s Game in his name. Even if there is no comparison in terms of milestones, it can be said that Williamson will definitely be in the list after Kohli among the great players of this generation. Even if he doesn’t score centuries in batting, Kane Maa plays the captaincy role. By scoring runs consistently, he plays an important role in the team’s victories. Like Kohli, he gets the team out of difficult situations.

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Williamson’s batting style is also interesting. Kohli can give importance to a safe game instead of big shots. While rotating the strike and looking like water under the arc, he scores well. This Kiwis star is not in danger of captaincy. Despite not having superstars in the team, New Zealand made it to the finals in the last World Cup by using the available resources properly. The team lost in the final and without showing any pain, the players remained confident. By taunting the pressure on the team, he keeps the players cool. Like Kohli and Williamson, both have left their own mark on cricket. These two face each other in the semis match.

The fight between Kane Williamson and King Kohli will be crucial in the knockout match between Team India and New Zealand. Kane is 15 years older than Kohli. Williamson was dismissed by Virat in the 2008 Under-19 World Cup final match. Kohli is excited after taking a wicket in the match against Netherlands.. There is a chance of bowling in the semis. Because of this, Ken Maa wants to take revenge on him. But Williamson was dismissed again and fans wanted Kohli to give India a break through. It is not known whether Kohli will bowl in this match.. If he bowls, it will not be normal if he bowls me out.

Then, in the 2008 Under-19 World Cup, India under the captaincy of Kohli defeated the Kiwis led by Williamson. In 2019, New Zealand under the captaincy of Kane defeated India. In the 2021 WTC finals, Maromaru Ken Maa team defeated us. In this background, Kohli also strongly wants to take revenge on Williamson. He hopes to defeat the Kiwis and take his team to the finals. And… Ken Maam, who among the Kohli’s is taking revenge on whom do you think, let us know in the form of comments.

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