World Cup 2023 semi-final matches : A clash between India and Pakistan can be seen in the semi-finals of the World Cup 2023, because such equations are being formed. Indian cricket team is going to be number one in WC points table.

World Cup 2023 semi-final matches : At one time, the Pakistan team was almost out of the race for the semi-finals of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, but due to winning two consecutive matches and the results of other teams going in their favor, Babar Azam and Company once again came into the race for the semi-finals. Is. In such a situation, a great competition can be seen again between India and Pakistan in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2023 and the possibility of a semi-final match is high.

Actually, the Indian team is going to top the World Cup 2023 points table, whereas if the Pakistan team qualifies for the semi-finals, it will be at the fourth position. In this situation, according to ICC rules, the first semi-final match of the tournament will be played between India and Pakistan. If this happens then this match will be held at Eden Gardens Stadium in Kolkata. However, it is not clear on which day this match will take place.

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According to the schedule of World Cup 2023, it was decided that the first semi-final match will be played in Mumbai, which will be held on 15 November. Whereas, the second semi-final is to be played in Kolkata on 16 November. ICC had also told that if the Indian team reached the semi-finals then this match would be held in Mumbai and if the Pakistan team reached the semi-finals then the knockout match would be held in Kolkata. A condition was placed in this also.

While giving information about the schedule, ICC had said that if India and Pakistan clash in the semi-finals, then this match will be played in Kolkata. However, there was no information given whether the match in Kolkata will be played on November 15 or November 16, but considering security and broadcasting, the second semi-final will be played first and the first semi-final will be played later. Now let’s talk about Pakistan equations.

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How will Pakistan reach the semi-finals?

Pakistan team has one match left in this World Cup, which is against England. By winning this match, Pakistan
The team will reach 10 points. After this, net run rate will be important, because New Zealand team can also reach 10 points. If the New Zealand vs Sri Lanka match is canceled due to rain, then Pakistan will directly qualify for the semi-finals. However, this is not going to be such an easy task.

Pakistan may also face competition from Afghanistan, because Afghanistan still has two matches left and the team can reach 12 points. However, both Afghanistan’s matches are against big teams. One match is against Australia and one match is against South Africa. In such a situation, after India and South Africa, Australia’s team can reach the semi-finals, but only one among New Zealand and Pakistan is going to be in the top 4.

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Australia has two chances to be in the top 3. Even if the Australian team loses to Afghanistan, it will remain in the top 4 by winning one match against Bangladesh. Net run rate will matter a lot in this situation, where there will be three teams on 10 points. These will include teams from New Zealand, Pakistan and Afghanistan. At present the net run rate of the New Zealand team is better. Pakistan is at second and Afghanistan at third.


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