5 Smartphone Charging Mistakes

5 Smartphone Charging Mistakes : Many times you must have seen that there is a problem in the battery of the smartphone and the battery does not last long, although there can be many reasons behind this happening, but the mistakes made during charging are mainly responsible for this.

5 Smartphone Charging Mistakes : Charging smart phones has become common practice for us and you. As soon as the battery runs out, we charge our smartphone and start using it again. It may take 1 hour to charge a smart phone. Let us tell you that most of the users make some mistakes while charging the smart phone and due to these not only the battery life gets reduced but the life of the smartphone also starts decreasing.

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If you want your smartphone to last for a long time and there is no problem in it, then today we are going to tell you about the mistakes which are usually done by the users while charging the smart phone.

5 Mistakes During Smartphone Charging

1- avoid full charging

Most of the users charge their smartphone fully. Shouldn’t do this. You should always charge your smartphone up to 80 percent. This not only keeps the battery health good but also makes the smartphone last longer.

2- avoid playing games

It is seen in most of the youth that while playing the game, he starts charging the smart phone. Due to this, the pressure on the processor of the smart phone increases very much and the problem of battery heating is seen. The battery can wear out quickly.

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3- Do not use duplicate charger

If you use a duplicate charger to charge the smart phone, then by doing so the battery life is badly affected as well as the smart phone can also get damaged.

4- Do not stop charging in between

If you repeatedly stop the smart phone charging and put it on charging again, then doing so has a bad effect on the processor. Once you allow the smartphone to charge properly, use it only after that.

5- Use charger according to the charging capacity of the smartphone

If your smartphone does not offer fast charging support, then do not use a fast charger in it, doing so may cause the battery to overheat or explode or there may be some other problem in the smartphone. This can prove to be quite dangerous.

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