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Technology Trick: If you want to run two or two social media accounts in one smartphone, then this news is of your use. There are some such options in your phone so that you can easily run 2-2 apps. You just have to follow some easy steps.

Technology Trick: How to Run Dual App in Mobile: Nowadays every smartphone comes with dual sim option. That is, users get a chance to put two sims in the phone, most users also put two sims, but from here people also start facing some problems.

Actually, users also want to use dual accounts of some social media platforms like WhatsApp, Facebook or Instagram because of two numbers, but it is not possible to do so on one app.

To overcome this problem of the people, now many smartphone companies have started giving inbuilt dual space for such apps inside the phone. Although only a few users are aware of this. Today we will tell you some tricks by which you can use these features.

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In this way, run two WhatsApp and Facebook in one phone

As we mentioned above, many smartphones now have a default setting called Clone App, through which you can run two accounts of WhatsApp and Facebook. Currently, this feature is available in smartphones like Xiaomi, Samsung, Vivo, Oppo, Huawei and Honor.

turn on settings like this

Now we will tell you the way by which you can activate this feature. For this you follow the steps given below.

If you have a phone from the company mentioned above, then first of all go to the settings of your smartphone.

After this, go to the option of Dual App or Clone App. If you want, you can type it in the search.

When the option of Dual App or Clone App is found, click on it.

Now you will see the option of WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram and Telegram app.
Click on whichever of these you want to clone i.e. run any two accounts.
After this a clone of that app will be ready in your phone. On which number 2 will be written.

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Now you open that app and login with another account.

If this feature is not in the phone, then follow this trick

Clone app or dual app is not necessarily present in every phone. It can also be limited to certain models of a company. You can run two apps even if your phone does not have the default feature of Dual App or Clone App.

For this you have to use third party app. To use Dual App, you have options like Dual App Wizard, Parallel and DoubleApp. Download these apps from play store. After this, click on the social media platform of which you want to run another account and login.


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