Whatsapp New Feature :

Whatsapp New Feature : The banging feature has arrived on WhatsApp. Now more people can be added to the groups. Now you can add 512 participants to a WhatsApp group. Let’s know about it…

Whatsapp New Feature : WhatsApp is increasing the ability to create and join large groups on the messaging platform. This means that now you can add up to 512 participants to a WhatsApp group. Till now this feature was available only for beta users on Android and iOS platforms.

For those who are unaware, the feature to create large groups was announced by the company earlier this year, along with many other features like message reactions, new user interface for voice calls, global voice note player and more. Was.

Users are getting this feature

This feature has been rolled out for most users today and if you haven’t got this feature yet, you will probably get it within the next 24 hours. To verify whether you have got the new feature or not, you can try to create a group and check how many participants you can add at the top of the screen.

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Coming community feature

This is not the only group feature that WhatsApp users will get this year. The company is also preparing to roll out the Communities feature which has been in development for some time now. WhatsApp has already revealed what the feature will do and references to the feature have also been seen in several beta updates for Android and iOS smartphones.

As revealed by the company, the Community feature will allow users to bring different groups together under one umbrella. This will allow admins to have better control over multiple groups and it will also allow participants to receive updates sent to the entire community.


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