X Subscription New Plan

X Subscription New Plan: Social media platform X has introduced two new plans in the Indian market. A premium plus of the company has also been included in these.

X Subscription New Plan: Social media platform x i.e. Old Twitter has introduced two premium plans. It also has a Premium+ Plan. This is for those users who want to pay for Ad-Free Experience. At the same time, a basic plan has also been launched by the company.

In this, customers will not get blue checkmark. The price of Premium+ by microblogging platform has been kept at $ 16 or Rs 1,300 for a month. In this, users will get ‘Larjest Reply Boost’. On purchasing this plan, the ads will be removed from the platform’s ‘For You’ and ‘Following’ feeds.

At the same time, talking about the basic plan, its price has been kept for every month or Rs 243.75. In this, users will not get blue checkmark. However, in this, users will definitely get the convenience of editing posts and posting long posts and videos. Also, users will be able to edit the post. It will also include ‘Small Reply Boost’. At present, both these plans are available only to buy in the web itself.

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Many changes in Twitter

Alan Musk bought Twitter for $ 44 billion and the deal was finalized in October 2022. Since then Musk has made many changes on the platform. Their effort is to make more money than this social media platform.

Let us tell you that recently the feature of audio and video calling has also been included on this platform. Currently, this feature has been launched for iOS users. Let us also tell you that X premium desktop app for Indian users is available for Rs 6,800 annually and monthly plan for Rs 650. At the same time, the price of the annual X premium subscription plan for X mobile app is Rs 9,400 and the price of the monthly plan is Rs 900.

Talking about the features, in the current plan, users are given priority racking and search in conversion, text formatting options in posts, facility to post long videos, post editing, bookmark folders create options, and early access to new features.

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