Pakistan Floods

Pakistan Floods : Roads have disappeared due to flood in Johi city of Pakistan. There is no supply of food items. Apart from this, many diseases including diarrhea are spreading here.

Pakistan Floods : Pakistan, which came under the grip of flood, is becoming a hellishstan these days. Here people are forced to walk for miles to save their lives, while the spreading diseases have also made it difficult to survive. What if humans, cattle are also being killed in lakhs of numbers.

Pakistan is now also pleading for help from the world. Everything is getting submerged here in the devastation caused by the floods. The streets of Johi city of Pakistan have disappeared. People have to fight the battle of life with the help of boat. There is nothing to eat or drink.

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Boat is the only support, nothing to eat

The situation is very bad in Bahran of Swat Valley. Even relief is not reaching. In compulsion, people have to save their lives by walking several kilometers. They don’t know what will happen next. The flood victim Khalid said that we have to go further 36 km now. Have been walking since 6 in the morning. About 2 lakh people have been badly isolated here. Elders who have crossed 100 years also say that they have never seen such a thing before.

These diseases spreading in Pakistan

Seeing the deteriorating condition of Pakistan, social organizations of the world have also reached here to give humanitarian help. The disease is also spreading due to the effect of floods in Sindh province. Farah Naureen of Mercy Corps said that diarrhea is spreading among people here. Skin diseases, eye infections and waterborne diseases are spreading. So first of all our priority is to treat them.

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Flood wreaked havoc in Pakistan

Seeing the biggest catastrophe of the century, it is clear that Pakistan was not at all ready to face this great catastrophe. So far, more than 1265 lives have been lost due to floods here. But UNICEF is also worried about the loss of children’s lives. While more than 7 lakh cattle have also died due to floods.

Many countries including France and Russia have extended their helping hand to Pakistan. While UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres will visit the flood-affected areas of Pakistan on 9 September.


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