Saw : Around 2,000 people have experienced the most terrifying night of the year in the City of Commitment. It is made possible by 120 volunteers, coordinated by Casa Bosque.

Saw :Terror and numerous scares filled the streets of the urban center of Caspe on this Tuesday, just as it has happened every October 31 for the past decade and a half. Taking advantage of the late Halloween night, on the eve of the All Saints’ Day holiday, the 14th edition of the “Fantasmada” of the City of Commitment kept the attending audience (around 2,000 people) on edge in every corner of the passage from 9:00 pm well into the early hours of the morning.

In 2023, the route began at the Virgin’s Square heading toward the Forest House (culminating at the passageway of José Antonio Labordeta Park), where it ended with a snack and drinks in the form of “potions.” During this tunnel of terror, the meticulously done makeup of the actors, the eerie lighting, smoke, screams, and the most chilling costumes and accessories didn’t miss their appointment. Crucifixes, witches, and amputated body parts were certainly the stars of the show.

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Among the performance groups, there were terrifying representations of iconic movies or sagas such as Hansel and Gretel or the Saw film. One could also witness the darkest of possible weddings with a menu that featured children’s fingers as appetizers and heart-shaped cake for dessert.

All of this occurred on a pleasant evening with a temperature of around 15°C, and as is customary for this increasingly popular event, participation was massive. Dozens of groups, with 40 members each and passes every five minutes, dared to confront their inner fears.

To make it all possible, nearly 120 volunteers, coordinated by the Casa Bosque Association, worked on every detail. Tickets went on sale on Thursday, both in physical form and online, and were quickly sold out. Therefore, once again, very few residents of Caspe missed experiencing a “terrifying” Halloween.


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