Earthquake in Taiwan

Earthquake in Taiwan: This weekend has been a tense one for the people of Taiwan. After the earthquake on Saturday, there was an earthquake again on Sunday afternoon and this time its intensity was more than Saturday. According to the report, there was an earthquake of 6.6 on Saturday, while the magnitude of the earthquake on Sunday was 7.2.

Earthquake in Taiwan Again: Saturday and Sunday were very tense for Taiwan amid the long-standing conflict with China. After Saturday, earthquake tremors were felt here on Sunday afternoon as well. An earthquake of 7.2 magnitude occurred on Sunday, which increased the tension of the government here. Actually, this was the second earthquake within 24 hours. Earlier on Saturday, a 6.6-magnitude earthquake struck Taiwan.

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6.6 magnitude earthquake occurred on Saturday night

Let us tell you that on Saturday night there was an earthquake with a magnitude of 6.6 in the eastern coastal area of ​​Taiwan. It is a matter of relief that there was no loss of life or property due to this earthquake. The US Geological Survey said the quake struck at around 9:30 p.m. about 50 km from the northern coastal town of Taitung. Its center was at a depth of 10 km. As soon as the information about the earthquake was received, the team was involved in the relief work. Let us tell you that earthquakes are not a new thing for Taiwan. Earthquake tremors often occur here. Actually, Taiwan is situated between the junction of two tectonic plates.

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People in tension, but there is no danger of tsunami yet

People are in tension due to the tremors of two consecutive earthquakes. They are also afraid of tsunami, but let us tell you that tsunami alert is not issued in Taiwan until the magnitude of the earthquake is 7.0 Magnitude. Although earthquakes of magnitude 6.0 can also cause considerable destruction, it depends on the location and depth of the earthquake. The US Geological Survey has also confirmed that the likelihood of damage in Taiwan from such an earthquake is low. Although there may be minor damage. In the case of earthquakes, to a large extent, the same situation remains in Japan. There are also frequent earthquake tremors.

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