Will the world end in so many years? World in awe of Baba Venga's prediction!

The predictions of the Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga are often discussed all over the world.

Many predictions of the famous Baba Venga, who tell about the future of the world, have proved to be true.

Baba Venga is also known as Nostradamus of the Balkans. Baba Venga had made many predictions for this year 2022, out of which two have proved to be completely true.

Baba Vanga has told that in the next year 2023, the earth will change its orbit. After this, many speculations are being made about the weather and condition of the world.

Baba Venga further said that after five years of change in the earth in 2023, that is, in 2028, the astronauts will reach the planet Venus.

Baba Venga had predicted the end of the world. He has told when the world will end. According to the prediction of Baba Venga, the world will end in the year 5079.

According to another shocking prediction of Baba Venga, in the year 2046, a person will start living for 100 years.

There will be so much progress in the field of human organ transplant, that is, human organ transplant, people will start living longer than before.

At the same time, Baba Venga had also said that there will come a time when there will be no night on earth.

This danger has been said to be so great that in the next few decades i.e. by the year 2100, many parts of the earth will have to be illuminated with artificial sunlight.