Actor Evan Ellingson

Actor Evan Ellingson : Discover the untimely passing of actor Evan Ellingson, celebrated for his role in ‘My Sister’s Keeper’ at the age of 35. His co-star Abigail Breslin pays heartfelt tribute while urging against speculation on the circumstances of his death.

Actor Evan Ellingson : In a somber turn of events, actor Evan Ellingson, renowned for his notable role in “My Sister’s Keeper,” has passed away at the age of 35, as reported by Deadline. His lifeless body was discovered at his residence in Fontana, California, on Sunday, as confirmed by the San Bernardino County sheriff coroner’s office. Ellingson’s father provided additional insights to TMZ, revealing that his son had been residing in a sober-living home.

Director Nick Cassavetes, who helmed “My Sister’s Keeper,” paid tribute to the former child star in a heartfelt post, expressing the profound impact of his loss. He wrote, “My soul is devastated today. What a remarkable individual.”

In addition to his role as Abigail Breslin’s sibling in the 2009 film, Evan Ellingson graced the small screen with his presence, portraying two different characters named Kyle: Kyle Harmon in “CSI: Miami” and Kyle Savage in “Complete Savages.” He also took on the role of Josh Bauer, Jack Bauer’s nephew, in season six of “24.” It’s worth noting that Ellingson had retired from acting since 2010.

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Abigail Breslin, who shared the screen with Ellingson in “My Sister’s Keeper,” expressed her sorrow through an Instagram post, commemorating her co-star while urging the public not to speculate on the details surrounding his passing. She fondly remembered Evan as a kind, humorous, and immensely talented individual, highlighting his dedication to delivering exceptional performances.

Breslin concluded her heartfelt message by conveying her belief that Heaven would warmly welcome Evan Ellingson and emphasizing that his impact on this world, though regrettably brief, would resonate eternally. She sent her wishes for peace on his journey to the great beyond and held out hope for a future reunion in a place perhaps like Montana.


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