Curfew Imposed in Iraq:

Curfew Imposed in Iraq: Muktada al-Sadr, an influential Shia cleric in Iraq, on Monday decided to retire from the country’s politics. In response, hundreds of his angry supporters reached the government palace. Let us tell you that during this violent clashes took place between al-Sadr and security forces.

Curfew Imposed in Iraq: Iraq’s well-known leader, religious leader Muktada al-Sadr, on Monday announced his withdrawal from the country’s politics. After which hundreds of his supporters started protesting. Iraqi medical officials said at least 300 protesters were injured in anti-riot police firing during protests following the announcement by the Shia cleric. He told that the policemen fired tear gas shells during this, in which more than 12 were injured. Let us tell you that during this violent clashes took place between the supporters of al-Sadr and the security forces, in which at least 20 protesters were killed.

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Curfew announced in Iraq

Iraq’s military announced a citywide curfew on Monday to defuse rising tensions and allay the possibility of clashes. It is being told that the army has appealed to the followers of the religious leader to immediately withdraw from the heavily guarded government area and stop the violent demonstration. It is feared that more violence may erupt in Iraq. Let us tell you that Iraq is already facing a political crisis.

Muktada al-Sadr did not get majority on seats found in Parliament

Iraq’s government has been at a standstill since cleric Muktada al-Sadr’s party won the most seats in October’s parliamentary elections but failed to reach a majority. He had refused to negotiate with Iran-backed Shia rivals to form a consensus government. Earlier in July, supporters of al-Sadr barged into parliament to prevent Sadr’s opposition from forming a government and have been on dharna for more than four weeks. His faction has also resigned from Parliament.

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Al-Sadr had already announced his retirement

This is not the first time that al-Sadr has announced his retirement. He has made such announcements earlier also. Many have described al-Sadr’s move as yet another attempt to gain an edge against rivals amid the current impasse. However, some have expressed the apprehension that his move this time may worsen the situation in the country.


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