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Ghanaian Footballer Raphael Dwamena Passes Away : Discover the tragic passing of Raphael Dwamena, a former Ghana national football team player, who collapsed during a match. The article shares details of his career, the circumstances of his passing, and heartfelt tributes from football associations and former teams.

Ghanaian Footballer Raphael Dwamena Passes Away : Raphael Dwamena, a former player for the Ghana national football team, tragically passed away at 28 after collapsing during a match, as confirmed by the Ghana Football Association.

The association conveyed condolences to Dwamena’s family, honoring his dedicated representation of Ghana. They expressed deep sorrow at the loss and highlighted his commitment to the national team.

While the specific details of his passing remain undisclosed, video footage captured his collapse during an Albanian top division match between KF Egnatia, his team, and Partizani. Medical assistance promptly reached Dwamena on the pitch, where both teams’ players rushed to aid him.

This isn’t the first time Dwamena faced such an incident; he previously collapsed in a match in 2021 but made a recovery. Dwamena’s football career spanned across various clubs in Spain, Switzerland, Austria, and Denmark.

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Levante, one of his former teams, expressed their condolences, mourning the loss of the talented player in a heartfelt statement.

Frequently Asked Questions about Raphael Dwamena’s Passing:

1. What caused Raphael Dwamena’s passing?
Dwamena tragically collapsed during a match; the specific cause of his passing has not been officially disclosed.

2. Was this the first incident of Dwamena collapsing during a match?
No, Dwamena previously experienced a similar collapse in a match in 2021 but recovered thereafter.

3. In which countries did Raphael Dwamena play during his career?
Dwamena played for various clubs in Spain, Switzerland, Austria, and Denmark, showcasing his talent across different leagues.

4. How did the Ghana Football Association respond to his passing?
The association expressed deep condolences to Dwamena’s family, acknowledging his significant contributions to Ghanaian football.

5. Did any former teams or clubs issue statements about his passing?
Yes, Levante, one of Dwamena’s former teams, expressed their heartfelt condolences for the loss of the talented player.

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6. Is there any official video or footage of the incident available?
Video footage capturing the moment of Dwamena’s collapse during the match has been circulated, depicting the on-field emergency response.


Raphael Dwamena’s untimely passing marks a profound loss in the world of football. The unfortunate incident, where he collapsed during a match and subsequently passed away, not only saddened the football fraternity but also highlighted the unpredictability of life. His contributions to Ghanaian football and his resilience on the field will be remembered and celebrated. The expressions of condolences from football associations and former clubs, along with the widespread sorrow from fans and the football community, underscore the impact of his sudden departure. Dwamena’s legacy will endure, leaving an indelible mark on the sport he passionately contributed to.


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