India-China: China got angry over the conversation between Taiwanese President and PM Modi, America supported

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India-China: China has objected to India’s reply to the congratulatory message from Taiwan. China said that India should be cautious of the antics of Taiwanese officials.

India-China: After the victory of NDA in the Lok Sabha elections, the President of Taiwan had posted a congratulatory post to PM Modi. China has now lodged a protest against the response of Prime Minister Modi on this post. The spokesperson of Beijing’s Foreign Office reminded India of New Delhi’s commitment to the One-China policy and asked to be cautious of Taiwan’s political moves. On the other hand, America has supported India’s response. The spokesperson of the US State Department said, I have not seen the full report, but such congratulatory messages are a normal way of diplomatic work.

China has always considered Taiwan as its integral rebel province. China says that if needed, it will include Taiwan in the mainland of China on the basis of military power. According to the Global Times report, the Chinese government has protested against the response given by Prime Minister Narendra Modi to the congratulatory message of the President of Taiwan. Chinese Foreign Office spokesman Mao Ning said on Thursday, ‘First of all, it should be clear that Taiwan does not have its own president.’

China warned India to be cautious

The Global Times quoted spokesman Ning as saying, ‘There is only one China in the world. India has made serious political commitments regarding the One-China principle and it should be cautious about the political plans of Taiwan’s officials. India should avoid activities that violate the One-China principle.’ China said that India should recognize the political moves of Taiwan’s officials and oppose them.

Modi responded to Taiwan’s congratulatory message

In fact, Taiwan’s President Lai Ching-te, who was elected last month, had posted a post on ‘X’ congratulating Modi. Ching-te said, ‘My heartiest congratulations to Prime Minister Narendra Modi on his victory in the election. We are eager to take the rapidly growing Taiwan-India partnership further and expand our cooperation in the areas of trade and technology.’ Responding to this congratulatory message, Modi said, ‘Thank you Lai Ching-te for your warm message. I look forward to closer relations with Taiwan by working towards mutual economic and technological partnership.’


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