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Italy Pm Giorgia Meloni: Italy’s PM Georgia Meloni becomes fan of PM Modi, critic of Islam-LGBT

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Italy Pm Giorgia Meloni: In 2008, when Georgia was 31 years old, she became the youngest minister. Four years later, he formed a party named Brothers of Italy. She calls herself Mussolini’s heir. Let us tell you about them.

Italy Pm Giorgia Meloni: India has handed over the command to Brazil for the next G20 conference. With this the G20 conference in India ended successfully. Leaders of many powerful countries of the world had come to participate in this program organized on 9 and 10 September. Apart from US President Joe Biden, these guests include British PM Rishi Sunak, French President Emmanuel Macron. But the woman PM who caught everyone’s attention was Italy’s PM Georgia Meloni. People praised her beauty on social media. She is seen talking and shaking hands with PM Modi in the pictures. She is also praising PM Modi in a viral video.

In this video she says, ‘The Italian government will further strengthen relations with India. I am sure that together we can achieve a lot. I do not believe that I will be able to match PM Modi in approval rating. He is the most liked person in the world.

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Who is Georgia Meloni?

Georgia Meloni became popular among the people even at a very young age. Apart from being beautiful to look at, he is also a right wing leader. His statements and thoughts have been making headlines in newspapers. The name of his party is Brothers of Italy. Last year itself he had created history by winning the elections. She has even declared herself the heir of Mussolini.

He has been accused of being fascist, LGBT and Islamophobic. However, she is constantly emphasizing on improving her image. She has even said that at present she does not have time to meet Russian President Vladimir Putin. Along with being pro-NATO, he is in favor of Ukraine in the war. But the interesting thing is that the two coalition parties in his government have good relations with Russia.

She has also been in the headlines due to her statements regarding Muslims. Apart from this, he has also campaigned against LGBT rights.

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Muslim immigrants were told there was a threat

In 2008, she became Italy’s youngest minister at the age of just 31. In the year 2012, he formed a party named Brothers of Italy. In his teenage years he took part in the Neo Fascist Movement. This movement was started by supporters of former Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. After this, a book by Meloni came out in the year 2021, titled – I am Georgia. In this he stressed that he was not a fascist. But he also described himself as Mussolini’s heir. Among her priorities, she had described migrant Muslims as a threat to Italy, after which she came into controversy. He had also said that it was necessary to control terrorism.

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