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Joe Biden- Benjamin Netanyahu meeting: On October 7, Hamas attacked Israel. Thousands of people have been killed in the 12-day war and an equal number of people have been injured. On October 18, the 12th day of the attack, US President Joe Biden met Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv.

Joe Biden- Benjamin Netanyahu meeting: October 7, 2023 was Saturday. Israel had no idea that the Palestinian terrorist organization Hamas could target its country in an audacious manner. Entering the Israeli border in a filmy style, firing five thousand rockets in about 20 minutes. After this action of Hamas, the phase of reaction from Israel that started is continuing even today. The global world is divided into two factions in this matter. On one hand, America, Britain, France, Germany are openly in support of Israel, but Muslim countries have stood up with Palestine. Amidst all this, US President Joe Biden reached Tel Aviv. Talked bilaterally with Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu and said that Hamas is more dangerous than ISIS, in the same tone Netanyahu said that he will die only by eliminating Hamas.

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what did biden say

  • Hamas is more dangerous than ISIS
  • Hamas kills children
  • Hamas people committed massacre
  • Americans also died in Hamas attack
  • America is completely with Israel
  • Hamas does not represent Palestine
  • This is a difficult time for America
  • Hamas murdered Israeli

what did netanyahu say

  • America fulfilled what it said.
  • America kept its promises.
  • We will die only by destroying Hamas.
  • October 7 is a dark day for Israel.

power of hamas

There are about one lakh people in Hamas. According to the Israeli Intelligence Department, this terrorist organization has about 30 thousand missiles. At present there is no concrete information about whether they have guided missiles or not. Not only this, if we talk about economic strength, according to former American intelligence officers, he has assets worth 300 million dollars. They get this amount from taxes from businessmen and charity organizations of Iran and Qatar.

The power of ISIS

The number of ISIS terrorists is between 15 thousand to one lakh. In this, about 10 thousand fighters are related to foreign fighters. According to the US Intelligence Department, their main source of funding is drug smuggling along with some charity organizations of Islamic countries, along with this they also get support from Iran.

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what do experts say

It is important to understand the meaning of US President Joe Biden’s meeting with PM Benjamin Netanyahu. In his meeting with Netanyahu, Biden said that the terrorist organization Hamas is more dangerous than ISIS. Along with this, one important thing was also said that Hamas does not represent the whole of Palestine. In this regard, experts say that America has made its view clear that the aggressive manner in which Israel is taking action against Hamas is its right, the Israeli attack is against the terrorist organization and not against any country. In this way he also gave a message to Islamic countries that they should not consider this as a war against two religions. Israel’s action is only against that organization which is synonymous with terrorism and America’s stance against terrorism or terrorist organizations is completely clear.

Experts say that if seen from Israel’s perspective, the reaction against any action of Hamas is linked to its existence. More or less, all Israeli parties have this kind of viewpoint, Israel says that when we talk about our land, it has been in the possession of others for centuries. Now, if someone tries to occupy its land, does it not have the right to react, but Palestine has been opposing this stance. Palestine’s policy makers feel that Israel looks at us with greedy eyes and in such a situation, it is facing a challenge to preserve its existence.

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