Martha Louise Marriage: The princess of this country, who grew up in palaces, fell in love with a common man, is going to get married.

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Martha Louise Marriage: Norwegian Princess Martha Louise has decided to marry Hollywood spiritual guru Shaman Durek Verrett after years of romance. For this, the Norwegian city of Girnajjar has been selected.

Martha Louise Marriage: Anyone can fall in love with any person at any time. One can fall in love with someone at any time. Here we are talking about the Norwegian princess who fell in love with Hollywood’s self-proclaimed spiritual guru Shaman Durek (martha louise shaman durek) Verret. After months of romance, they are now going to get married.

Martha Louis, 51, is the eldest daughter of King Harald and Queen Sonja. But Norwegian people are not able to accept this marriage. The reason is that Veret has been in the center of discussion due to his treatment methods and statements; people in Norway know him as a quack.

Wedding organized in Girnajer

The marriage ceremony between the two is to be organized in the coastal town of Girnajer in Norway. UNESCO has given it the status of heritage site. Martha says that she is very happy with her wedding plans and she will decorate Girnajar in a wonderful way. Both of them had announced their engagement (martha louise engagement ring) in 2022. On that special occasion, King Harald gave his blessings. He himself married a common woman, Shonja, in 1968. In a separate statement, the King, Queen and Crown Prince congratulated the couple and said that Dureck Veret was welcome.

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