Narges Mohammadi

Narges Mohammadi Nobel Peace Prize 2023 : Jailed activist Nargis Mohammadi was detained on 13 occasions, convicted on five occasions, and given a 31-year prison sentence with 154 lashes.

Narges Mohammadi Nobel Peace Prize 2023 : Jailed Iranian rights activist Nargis Mohammadi was announced to be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize 2023 earlier this month. On Tuesday (October 31), Mohammadi managed to send a thank you letter to the award giving body out of jail. Let us tell you that Mohammadi was given the prestigious award for fighting against oppression of women in Iran and promoting human rights and freedom for all.

The 51-year-old journalist and activist has campaigned against mandatory hijab and the death penalty for women in Iran. Iran is currently one of the worst countries in terms of women’s rights. The award, announced on October 6, is being seen as a rebuke of Iranian leaders and an encouragement to anti-government protesters.

Mohammadi is lodged in a notorious jail

The jailed activist is currently in Tehran’s notorious Evin prison where she is serving several sentences. Mohammadi was detained by the Iranian regime on 13 occasions, convicted on five occasions, and given a prison sentence of 154 lashes as well as 31 years.

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Mohammadi’s daughter read the letter

The letter, smuggled out of prison, was read by his 17-year-old daughter Kiana in a video posted on the Nobel Prize Started shouting ‘Azadi’. This is the slogan of the movement of which Mohammadi is a part.

In his first official reaction on winning the prestigious award, Mohammadi expressed his “deep gratitude” to the Nobel Committee for recognizing the “powerful and important message”.

‘Award a turning point’

Mohammadi said, ‘The people of Iran demonstrated the power of protest in their evolutionary and social movements.’ He said the award marks a turning point in ’empowering protests and social movements around the world’.

Mohammadi said in the letter, ‘I am grateful to all of you and appeal to support the people of Iran until the final victory, the victory is not easy, but certain.’

Iran criticized awarding Nobel to Mohammadi

Let us tell you that recently a wave of anti-government protests was seen in Iran, for which the officials of Tehran have blamed the West. The Islamic Republic also condemned the Nobel Committee’s decision to award the Peace Prize to Mohammadi, saying it was interfering and politicizing a human rights issue.

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